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One of my proudest moments

As a proud mother, I have had the opportunity to enjoy the glorious moments that my little one has brought me.  July this year, he receive outstanding achievement award for English and RE and a certificate for Science.  He also came home with Student of the Year trophy for Year 7.  Last month, I was invited to attend the federation award evening comprising 3 schools.  I did not expect that my Sam would be awarded as the the letter only stated about his nomination but to my great surprise, he actually was one of the awardess!  I’m ever so proud of my baby.  Although being a single mum becomes challenging and tricky, moments like these do make all  my hard work worth a while.

Federation Student of the Year Award in RE


First karate competition for my baby... Not bad!


I'm ever so proud of you baby!!! xxx


Sam with Mark Wagh, the honorable guest speaker for the night. Mark Wagh played cricket for Nottinghamhire County Cricket Club. Has he played for England? Not sure... will have to research this I guess

Posted by: Gracie | October 27, 2010

Cardiff Random Photos

Below are photos I randomly posted during our Cardiff Trip a few months ago.  They are not posted on chronological order.

I'd love to drive one of these!

Only shows how much I love to sleep. I take every opportunity I find for a quick nap. Gosh! I could sleep for England!

You better take cover when I'm standing next to this thing! 😛

Now, where’s my camouflage?

Fabulous seafood restaurant. Highly recommended!


New shoes are never the best ideas there are when it comes to long walks

This is a proof that I can't always keep my poise intact

I was craving for champagne and oysters but I suppose, strawberries and champagne are not bad combo hahahaha!

The Armed Forces Day

Posted by: Gracie | August 13, 2010

The Amazing Cardiff Castle Interior

Here are some of the photos I’ve taken during our visit to the Cardiff Castle.  I was amazed with the beauty of the castle.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos with flash otherwise, they would have been clearer… but hey!  They were not too bad either 😉 …

This is definitely not your average nursery room

Posted by: Gracie | July 28, 2010

Our 4th Anniversary Celebration

Our anniversary is an occasion that my bf and myself look forward to every year.  It is a special and important date for us because of what we’ve been through in the past 4 years that we’ve been together.  Despite of the hurdles that got on the way in the past 4 years, I could say that we became stronger to stay together.  I suppose, when you love each other you’ll always find a way to make things happen.  Now, I could say that I continue to feel so sure and contented with the relationship I’m in.  My love for my bf grows everyday.  There are times when I’m at work that I can’t wait to get home to see him.  Now, I’m talking really cheezy.

Anyway, below are some of the photos that I’ve taken during our Cardiff trip to celebrate our 4th anniversary.  I’ve just edited over 60 photos that I’d like to share in this blog but I’ve decided to split them into a few posts so watch this space 😉

THE AMAZING CARDIFF CASTLE… One of the great Castles that made the Great Britain a great country.  (For those who wants to know more about Cardiff Castle please visit their official website at and for a more comprehensive read, you may want to try this

Just a little pose 😉

We had to take this photo, afterall, it was our 4th anniversary 😉

Cardiff Castle preparation for Armed Forces Day (my bf and I share passion for our lads)

Simply ME! 😀

The amazing Cardiff Castle by the Butes now belongs to the people of Cardiff City

On top of the tower... I felt extremely brave hahahahahaha!

The Cardiff Millenium Stadium... I hope I got it right this time hahahahaha!

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CARDIFF: 4th Anniversary Celebration

About couple of weeks ago, my bf and I decided to celebrate of 4th anniversary in Cardiff.  It was our first time in the South of Wales and it was rather an interesting journey for both of us specially as we intered the country where the road signs were I’d say not easy to read.  I told my bf that I believe the Welsh did it on purpose… to wind non-welsh speaking people up by using their language on the road signs specially when everyone in Wales speak English anyway.  Anyway, it was a fun drive.  We had Katherine Jenkin’s album playing in the car and I believe I nodded off a few times during the trip.  I would say that we enjoyed our Cardiff trip that we’ve decided to pay it another visit in the future :).  Well, may not be necessarily the Cardiff city but we definitely want to see other parts of Wales.  It’s a beautiful country 🙂
The accommodation:
We stayed in Village Hotel which was about 15 minutes via local train to the Cardiff City itself.  The train station is about 5 minutes walk away from the hotel we stayed in.  The Village Hotel offers amenities such as a good size swimming pool, a gym, pub and restaurant.  Although the room we stayed in was basic, it facilitated a comfortable stay so we’ll definitely stay there again in the future.  The price was reasonable as well 🙂

Would you have guessed it meant 'way out'?

At least bf didn't look bored whilst we were waiting for the train 😉

Shoes are my other passion in life. These ever reliable 4 inches Gucci stilettos take me to places with comfort 😉

Driving for 2 and a half hours on a hot day was enough for a make up melt down.

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A holiday pleasant surprise

I gave it my best shoot but I miserably failed :(...maybe next time 🙂

 This was a photo I took during our recent holiday in Cardiff to celebrate our 4th anniversay.  Yes, believe me, Prince Charles is the one standing behind the lady in white dress. 

It was really during that day that we’ve decided to give the Cardiff Millenium Stadium a quick visit.  As we entered the building, one of the features on the wall caught my bf’s attention that we headed towards that area of the theatre.  As we were heading towards that wall to give it a closer look, I saw some men in black suit.  I never thought that there was someone important in the theatre and as I walked closer, I noticed HRH Prince Charles… yes the Prince of Wales himself sans Camella ;).  However, things happened really quick that I didn’t get the chance to take his photo.  When I asked one of the security staff, I was told that Prince Charles was there to watch an opera.  No way I was going to hang around and wait for him to come out of theatre 🙂 . 

Maybe next time hahahahahaha!


Right, I stand corrected, as what my bf has just said it was the Wales Millenium Centre and not the Cardiff Millenium Stadium :).  Thanks honey 😀 xxx

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Fabian Perez (Celina con Abanico II)

Last week  my bf’s birthday and after my study day at work, we went out for lunch and visited an art gallery.  Although we didn’t had anything in mind that time, everytime we’re in an art gallery, the first thing that come into our minds is a piece for my boudior (yes, I haven’t met any make up enthusiast like myself who doesn’t want to have their own make up room).  We got talking the the gallery consultant and he was telling us about the events they had and those that are still to come.  My bf and I could tell that meeting Fabian Perez was probably his favourite event :D.
As we browsed through the pieces they had in the gallery, we stopped at Fabian Perez’ few collection on the wall, one particular painting stood out for us.  The consultant asked on the type of painting we had in mind and we replied it’s for my boudior so he sat us on the desk infron of their pc and showed this beautiful piece to us.  Soon as we showed interest on the piece, one of the consultants voluntered to get us a framed limited print (the original piece was about the size of an A4 paper cost around £18,500) and instantly we feel in love with it.  We looked at the framed picture from a distant and my bf who was sitting right behind me said… ‘were having it’…  Just like that!!!  Even at a hefty price, my bf didn’t had a hint of doubt of getting it.  It’s absolutely stunning and one of these days aside from collecting Fabian Perez’ limited prints, we’re also wanting to get an original piece.  :).

Celina con Abanico II by Fabian Perez

Can't get enough of this beauty!!!

Such a classic beauty

 There are a couple of things that my bf and I have discovered of having something in common right on our first date was our love for classical music and fine arts.  Infact, we spent our first date in an art gallery where we looked at great pieces including contemporary arts.  We’re not so crazy about contemporary art though 😦

As we are celebrating our 4th anniversary, this is such a wonderful gift from my bf despite of the fact that he bought it for me on his birthday.  I love you loads honey!!!  😀

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Gadget and Accessories

I got this laptop as a Christmas present for myself on the same year that I qualified and got my job.  It’s a joy to use and I love it.  I’m hoping to keep this machine for at least 10 years.  I’m not bothered about upgrading it, just yet 🙂  So far, I’m happy with what I can with this cute little thing 🙂
About a couple of weeks ago, my bf and I went to have a look at most talked iPAD. Until now I’m still convincing my bf to get one but he just keep giving me an excuse that he just bought his motorbike.  He’ll give in one day… and I know that ;).  Since I wasn’t successful in the the apple store, I’ve decided to visit the Sony shop in the mall and saw this wireless mouse and soon as I saw it, I thought to myself…  ‘I want, I want, I want!’  hahahahaha!  So, after a few minutes I had it in a shopping bag hahahahaha!

A wireless mouse I've been planning to get. The mouse pad is cute too!!! 😀

Much closer to the actual colour of my laptop and the cute wireless mouse 😀

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Our ever growing garden

Having our own place has given us a great feeling.  We’ve been lucky enough to find the right home for us on the right time.  Although we’re not planning to do anything with the house itself because it has been fully refurbished when we bought it, we do want to do some works in the garden.  However, we’ve decided that this year, we’ll wait and see what comes out first and we’ll make some changes next year.  We’d like to get a tool shed and greenhouse during the 1st quarter of next year, hopefully before the spring begins.  I can’t wait!  I told my bf that I’d like a small pond with fish in it and he’s agreed to that. Yay!  One of our friends suggested that we need a hot tub in the garden as well. Hmmm… not a bad idea… just finding a spare fund for it 😉  Maybe in the future 🙂

My little boy checking on new flowers

This garden only had one shade when we bought the house... GREY!

One of the blossoming trees we discovered in our garden

This came out as strange looking shoots in the beginning of the spring but instead of getting rid of them, we've decided to let it grow. In fact, we've decided not to touch anything that grew and will grow in the garden

We love this pretty flower. My bf told me what this is called but I forgot 😀

I honestly don't know what this flower is called but it's pretty 😀

Another pretty flower

Blackberries are doing great 🙂

Garlic, pak choi and mixed lettuce leaves


Mangetoute growing ot of control. This was our first. We should know what to do next time 😉

Fresh salad and veg everyday!!!

Sometimes, we find it hard to believe that we have all these wonderful things right on our doorstep.  I can’t wait when we start working on the garden again next summer.

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Furness Abbey, Cumbria

Must have been over 2 years ago when we visited the Furness Abbey in Cumbria.  I first saw it whilst I was on the train during my first visit to my bf’s place.  Soon as I saw this beautiful place, I promised myself that I would visit it and I did!
A quick fact about the ruins:
Furness Abbey was built in 1123 by Stephen, Count of Blois and destroyed by King Henry VIII in 1537.  How tragic!!!

The ruin of Furness Abbey

They were not my fingers, honest!

My little one got me playing badmenton before heading back home 🙂

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